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features & benefits of reed fencing ...


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Made from sustainable materials to preserve our heritage Reed panel Fencing provides a natural product that is softer on the eye than normal fencing and blends in to any garden setting.

We use only the best local treated timber and carefully selected reeds to construct a long lasting fence that you will enjoy for many years.

Reed is a hard wearing and durable material with the following benefits:

  • Hand crafted panels (no nail guns) by expert staff ensuring your fence is made with care and precision
  • Specially treated timber to reduce decay and infestation
  • robust 6" gravel board to stop rising damp and allow for easy weeding and strimming
  • Blends in to most natural settings giving an appealing appearance
  • Both sides are identical making it ideal as a natural screen to hide dustbins, compost heaps, untidy areas, caravans and trailers etc.
  • More economical than normal fences ensuring sound investment over the long run
  • 50mm wooden batons provides a substantial frame
  • Galvanised annular ring shank nails to ensure no unsightly rust spots and give a better grip usually with three nails per joint for strength
  • Weather caps built in and shaped for protection and appearance
  • Routered edges for a better finish
  • Triple interwoven reed within 50 mm frame for extra strength and substance
  • Larger panels has centre batons for extra support
  • Gates are robust as they are made from 75x50 timbers
  • Quality hinges are always half the width of gate for balance and preventing drop
  • Equal sight lines are created on double gates
  • Provides an efficient windbreak but unlike solid fencing lets air through giving it resistance and less fear of it blowing down
  • Environmentally friendly helping to sustain our countryside
  • Effective soundproofing of an area to give peaceful use of a space and privacy
  • Expert installation following a competitive quotation and order
  • Personalised service means that you can be assured of a good job form start to finish    |   terms


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